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Kuvings: exprimidores y licuadoras inteligentes en colombia
Kuvings International

Kuvings International

Kuvings es el líder en extractores silenciosos, gracias a la alta tecnología empleada en la manufactura de cada extractor, la cual ha sido reconocida por la Feria Internacional de Invención y por organismos internacionales.

  • 2018/04

    Received Red Dot AWARD 2018 – V850(SV-500).

  • 2018/02

    Awarded 2017 iF Design Award – V850(SV-500).

  • 2017/03

    Awarded Achievement Award as Excellent CEO, Korean Hidden Champion
    Received Red Dot AWARD 2017.

  • 2017/02

    Awarded 2017 Kitchen Innovation Winner (Ambiente, Germany).

  • 2017/01

    Awarded 2017 iF Design Award.

  • 2016/12

    Selected as a Star Corporation (Korea Credit Guarantee Fund).
    Certified as SME intellectual property management (the Korean Intellectual Property Office).
    Selected in top 10 Star Corporations in 2016
    Daegu Metropolitan City).

  • 2016/07

    President of NUC Electronics Co., Ltd. Jong-Boo Kim, appointed as the fourth president of the Association of Science and Technology Information.

  • 2016/06

    Awarded Excellent Star Brand in 2016 by Electronic Times News, Co., Ltd.

  • 2016/04

    Designated as a family corporation of KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information).

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  • 2015/09

    Selected as Global Premium Household Item in the Juicer Sector (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy).

  • 2015/07

    Awarded 2015 World Class 300.

  • 2015/05

    Designated Design Research Center of NUC Electronics Co., Ltd. as a company-affiliated research institute (Korea Industrial Technology Association).

  • 2015/03

    Selected as Best Trader of the Month (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) Appointed the 12th Chairman of the Board of the University-Industry Research Institute).

  • 2011/10

    “Good Design” Grand Prize in slow juicer by Ministry of Knowledge Economy-Slow Juicer.

  • 2011/05

    Gold Prize & Special Prize at International Invention Exhibition of Geneva, Switzerland-Slow Juicer.

  • 2011/05

    Trend Lead Prize at AWF (Appliance World Expo) of Shanghai - Slow Juicer.

  • 2011/06

    Gold Prize & Special Prize at INPEX (Invention and New Product Exposition of Pittsburgh, USA -Slow Juicer.

  • 2010/12

    Gold Prize at SIIF (Seoul International Invention Fair)-Slow Juicer and Smokeless/odor free Electric Grill.

kuvings is a premium brand operated by NUC Electronics.